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Now featuring our new Nitro Straight Pull Hub as found on our more expensive Carbon Wheels.

At 1399 g, total Wheel set weight, this Wheel set is perfect for Tough Sportives / Races or for the Triathlete looking for the advantage over Sprint and Olympic distance Triathlons.

Rims:DYNAMAL aluminum rim with CNC brake surface,
Progress Tubeless ready.
21mm rim bed for tires from 23 to 28mm or more.
The AIR+PLUS U-shape profile improves aerodynamic and wider tires are perfectly integrated.
Graphics with ultra resistant decor and reflective O logo.
ERD: 577mm
Profile:Profile: 30mm
External width: 25mm
Internal width: 21mm
Hubs:VEKTOR Road hubs high precision CNC machined in aluminum.
Sealed cartridge bearings and free hub body in aluminum.
Spokes:SAPIM Race Straight Pull, 18F and 2:1 rear wheel spoke ratio (18:6).
Hand Built with alloy nipples and secure lock.
Quick release/axles:PG-404
Colors:Matt Black
Weight:Set: 1.580 gr

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Campagnolo, Shimano / Sram

4 reviews for Progress Phantom 2021

  1. Fraser

    Splendid wheel, looks great, sounds great too. it’s knocked c.5kg off the bike weight over my Mavic Aksium set. Definitely accelerates and climbs quicker result – My first 11 mile undulating ride was over 90 secs quicker. excellent wheels excellent value. Buy a set.

  2. Chris Wilkinson

    Great to meet you yesterday guys. As impulse buys go, the phantom wheels are probably one of my best 🙂 Not sure my wife agrees though, but the flowers softened the shock a little.
    I fitted them as soon as I got home, making sure to weigh everything as I went along (I’ll post the weights later)
    The wheels are replacing a set of mavic ksyrium elites, pretty much the industry standard for mid price performance wheels. The Progress are only about a 1/2 pound lighter, but are slightly more aero and a little more bling 🙂
    They’re fitted to my 2015 cannondale evo, running 10 speed ultegra.
    First impressions are very good. I’m out for a hilly ride today and am carrying 2 bottles, but it only feels like I’m carrying 1, which is weird. I got out earlier than normal and did a bit of climbing just to make sure everything was ok, it was. Nothing has fallen off and they’ve stayed true.
    I live at the top of a hill, straight away I noticed I went quicker down it, and this has been further cemented throughout the ride, with a number of pb’s coming up on Strava. The same was true on the flat, and although they’re not particularly aero they’re obviously cutting through the air better then the mavic.
    So to climbing, which is what I’ve bought them for. No pb’s on my first climbs today as I was messing with the rear derailleur, but they certainly felt stiff enough and light enough to help me later on today, as I set a few pb’s up some of the smaller climbs. Happy.
    For the price you can’t argue with a set of Progress phantom wheels, and they are a genuine lighter alternative to mavic. I’d recommend them, no worries.

  3. Alberto

    Superb wheels. After 6 months riding them I can say the wheel update has made a huge difference. With these lightweight wheels the bike is now more responsive and agile especially when climbing, they look really well on my bike and everything for an affordable price. And they also come ready for tubeless.

    Indeed, I was so happy with them that I also ordered the disc version for my other bike a month later.

    Also mention the excellent treatment received from Carl of Bagder Cycles.

    Definitely the best value for money on wheels.

  4. James N

    Wow, where can I start? Firstly, Carl serviced all my bikes brilliantly – having someone pop round to do all the bikes in one go makes so much sense, great job. Moreover, Carl also identified some pretty major issues with how my new bike was set up (a Look 675 light), and we then discussed options for wheels. We considered the benefits of just transplanting a wheelset from one of my other bikes and also explored whether a new set would make better sense. So, literally weighing up the pros and cons, and thinking about value for money, we opted for the latest Progress Phantom with the latest Continental tyre.

    They are a good half a kilo lighter than the “delivery wheels” which were on the bike (Mavic Aksiums). Furthermore, each wheel has amazing bearings which spin and spin with minimal effort. They also rather cleverly balance a very light weight feel with a robust construction. Additionally, they look good in an understated way, not too blingy and clearly high quality.

    The result… the bike now cruises at >25mph and returns the full value of your effort on hills and difficult surfaces. I’ve had the wheels a few weeks now and have given some thought as to why they work so well. I believe it is the combination of all round weight reduction and the high quality mechanicals. However, it is the way the wheels help you to build momentum going ‘upwards’ where I am most surprised. On steep(ish) hills where you might be content achieving a steady >12mph, you can now confidently attack it at 18 or even 19mph, so as a result average speeds for training runs have shot up. The bike is now performing so well that it means I have a great alternative to my TT bike for time-trials and it will now come into its own in any events on hilly and sporting courses (including hill-climbs).

    Overall, this is an incredibly light high-spec aluminium wheel and really good value for money. I’m pretty sure they are some of the best, if not the best wheels you can get at the price point and with total weight being so low, the warranty and great service they are worth every penny.

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